Cultural heritage of the Russian Federation

Reconstruction of the complex of buildings of the Senate and Synod for housing the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation and the B.N.Yeltsyn Presidential Library

St. Petersburg, Senatskaya ploshchad.

сенат5.jpgTotal area 38 000 m2.

In the building of the Senate and Synod which is an architectural monument the most advanced ventilation, conditioning and cold supply systems were installed. The most recent energy-saving technologies were used. 

An air conditioning system which has no analogs in Russia was installed in the multimedia hall.

Additionally, to minimize energy resources, a system was designed and installed in which heat emitted from IT equipment was used for heating incoming air. 

Technical administration under the President of the Russian Federation

St. Petersburg, Isaakiyevskaya Ploshchad 11

исакиевская 11.jpgTotal area 9 000 m2.

A modern combined extract-and-input system of ventilation of the Administration’s offices was installed.

«Graduate School of Folk Arts»

St. Petersburg, nab. kanala Griboyedova 2

Высшая школа 1.JPGTotal area 4 800 m2.

The building was reconstructed under the personal patronage of the spouse of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation L.A.Putina.

A full set of works in air ventilation and conditioning was performed.

Memorial complex to the Defenders of Motherland,

St. Petersburg, pl. Pobedy.

Монумент 1.JPGTotal area 5 600 m2.

Government order of St. Petersburg to the 60th anniversary of the Great Victory. 

A set of works was performed in design, supply, installation, and commissioning of air handling units with cooling of the monument’s memorial hall. Chillers with installed dry coolers in the pile field were installed under the monument at the depth of 6 meters. Fancoils were installed for heating the memorial hall.

Naval museum (former Kryukov barracks)

St. Petersburg, pl. Truda 5 

ВММ.jpgTotal area 32 000 m2.

The uniqueness of the project was the rate with which he works had to be performed. Modern ventilation, conditioning, cold supply and humidification systems were installed in three summer months. 

State Philharmonic.

Fund of Investment Construction Projects of St. Petersburg. World Bank’s credit

St. Petersburg, ul. Mikhailovskaya 2

Philharmonia.jpgTotal area 9 500 m2.

The Great Hall of D.D.Shostakovich Philharmonic was technically reequipped and also restored. 

Equipment with absolutely noiseless ventilation systems was installed.

Philharmonia II.jpg

Equipment with absolutely noiseless ventilation systems was installed.

In the hall there is an option of individual air supply under each spectator’s seat. For this, a so-called static chamber was set up, i.e. under the entire area of the hall an empty space is provided where the cooled incoming air is supplied which is further supplied through gratings specially installed in the floor under a small pressure and absolutely without noise under each seat ensuring therewith the comfortable microclimate to each viewer.

In order to preserve the acoustic properties of the organ and other instruments, an air supply system was led up to the scene with a special humidifier.

«Konstantinovsky Palace»

константиовский дворец.jpgTotal area 2 100 m2.

St. Petersburg, Strelna.

Design, supply, installation and commissioning of warm air heating systems in the housekeeping building.